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Credit Card Processing

Important: For security purposes, credit card information should NOT be stored in the database. I have bound a table to my form for demo/testing purposes only. In my live application the form is unbound.

Here is an example application for processing from an Access database using a Web Payment Service. In this example I am using a service called EFSnet. A free test account can be created for development purposes.

This example (Credit Card Processing) creates a HTML file from an Access Form that posts the information to an ASP file. The asp file creates a XML file that is posted to EFSNet’s secure site for processing.

This solution requires:

  • IIS Web server to host the asp file
  • EFSNet Test Account

The following custom setting will have to be made:

  • The EFSNet Store ID in the asp tile (strStoreID variable).
  • The EFSNet Store Key in the asp tile (strStoreKey variable).
  • Upload the ASP File (ccTest.asp) to an IIS server or website that supports asp pages.
  • Enter the URL of the ASP file in the form module of the Access application (strASP variable).

You can submit the HTML form to the asp file I listed in the strASP variable – but you will receive an Invalid store key message.

This is simply a quick example to assist in getting started on adding credit card processing to a custom solution. Security, information privacy, and a system of checks and balances all need to considered when implementing credit card processing, none of which are addressed in this example.