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Send Email via Lotus Notes from MS Access

This code demonstrates sending a Lotus Notes Email from Access NOTE: “Lotus Domino Objects” needs to be added as a Reference in VBA Editor (Tools >References). Download example application.

Function SendLotusEmail(strEmail As String, strSubject As String, _
strBody As String, Optional strAttachment As String) 

On Error GoTo Ett_Trap 

    Dim nDB As Object 
    Dim nDoc As Object 
    Dim nSession As Object 
    Dim nRichTextItem As Object 
    Dim nAttachment As Object 
    Dim strTo As String 
    Dim strCC As String 
    Dim strBCC As String 

    strTo = strEmail 
    'strCC = "Additional Email Address" 
    'strBCC = "Additional Email Address" 
    Set nSession = CreateObject("Notes.Notessession") 
    Set nDB = nSession.getdatabase("", "") 
    Call nDB.openmail 
    Set nDoc = nDB.createdocument 
'Add Attachemnt to email if passed 
    If Len (strAttachment)<>0 Then 
        Set nRichTextItem = nDoc.CreateRichTextItem("Attachment") 
        Set nAttachment = nRichTextItem.EmbedObject(EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", strAttachment) 
    End If 
    Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("Sendto", strTo) 
    Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("CopyTo", strCC) 
    Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("BlindCopyTo", strBCC) 
    Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("Subject", strSubject) 
    Call nDoc.replaceitemvalue("Body", strBody) 
    'Call nDoc.Send(False) 'Comment to not send email and save to drafts 
    Call nDoc.Save(False, False) 
    Set nDoc = Nothing 
    MsgBox "Email sent" 

    Exit Function 
    MsgBox Err.Description 
    Resume Ett_Trap_Exit 

End Function

This code illustrates how to loop through a Lotus Notes database and retrieve document information.

Sub Initialize() 
    Dim session As Object 
    Dim db As Object 
    Dim noteIDs() 
    Dim nCollection As Object 
    Dim doc As Object 
    Dim vitem As Variant 
    Dim j As Long 

    Set session = CreateObject("Notes.Notessession") 
    Set db = session.CurrentDatabase 
    Set nCollection = db.AllDocuments 
    ReDim noteIDs(1 To nCollection.Count) 
    Set doc = nCollection.GetFirstDocument() 
    If nCollection.Count > 0 Then 
        For j = 1 To nCollection.Count 
            noteIDs(j) = doc.NoteID 
            Set doc = nCollection.GetNextDocument(doc) 
            Debug.Print noteIDs(j) 
            For Each vitem In doc.Items 
                'Debug.Print vitem.Name & vitem.Text 
                If vitem.Name = "Body" Then Debug.Print vitem.Text 
                If vitem.Name = "DeliveredDate" Then Debug.Print vitem.Text 
            Next vitem 
        Next j 
    End If 
End Sub 

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