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About My Access Tips

1 - The Access Tips I provide are intended for intermediate and up Microsoft Access Developers. Beginners will find useful information ... however, I believe their initial focus should be on understanding database normalization and learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Access.

2 - The Tips I provide are simply that ....suggestions. I am a strong believer in that every situation is unique, and what works in one may not be the best solution for another.

3 - If you need assistance, you can get advice from the UtterAccess forum.

4 - Most of the examples have been tested with Access 2000-2003.

5 - I am still in the process of adding content to this site. I plan to update the site about 2 to 3 time a month.

About Me

I started my own Microsoft Access development company in 1996. Since then I have written almost 300 Microsoft Access applications for about 100 clients. From small mailing applications to large business critical solutions, I have extensive experience with Microsoft Access. I focus on creating functional business applications that are easy for the end user to work with. One of my key strengths is a strong understanding of business processes and operations. I use this to create applications that help streamline workflow and increase productivity. I consider myself to be a developer/architect rather that a programmer. I also posses good networking and systems background which allows me to build not only the applications, but the network infrastructure and server systems.

I currently hold the following professional certifications:
CompTIA: A +, iNet +, Network +, Security +
Microsoft: MCSA

Click here to view a listing of some of the projects I have completed.

I am legally blind from a hereditary disease called Stargardt's. It scars the macula and its symptoms are very similar to macular degeneration. I am unable to read without the use of computer software or handheld magnification devices. This has forced me to work efficiently in my application development career. Since it takes me longer to read than the majority of my professional peers, I have to find ways to reduce the amount of time it takes me to create an application. I avoid duplicating my efforts by creating reusable functions, building a solid table design structure, and implementing an effective development & support environment. Hopefully these tips will prove useful to other developers.

Contacting Me

Please do not contact me directly with technical questions or for assistance. As with many IT professionals, I am extremely busy and unlikely to be able to provide regular assistance. If you need help developing a Microsoft Access application or are looking for a mentor, I suggest you visit UtterAccess.com or Microsoft's Newsgroups.

If you have a suggestion, comment, or notice a mistake in my code or web site, please feel free to contact me. I can be emailed at matt@myaccesstips.com. Please add "My Access Tips" to your subject line so my spam software does not reject the email.